Pretti Girls Glam Boutique

Welcome To Pretti Girls Glam Boutique!

Let your creativity flow with customizable swag from Pretti Girls Glam Boutique. I carry all kinds of products that can be customized with your own artwork, logos, pictures, Greek letters or special event details. Make tumblers, paddles or tikis, to commemorate Greek Week or design your own wooden pen holder as a gift to graduating seniors. From custom rhinestone, sublimated & vinyl tees, to embroidery, stadium cups, tote bags and custom clothing, you'll find a full selection of customizable gifts at Pretti Girls Glam Boutique.

Pretti Girls Glam Boutique, is a black-owned business started in 2014, by Jennifer Walden a United States Army veteran. Pretti Girls Glam Boutique, LLC., started from the simple thought of me having a love for t-shirts, but at the same time wanting a UNIQUE tee. Keeping this in mind, I decided what better way to be different than, to make my OWN custom tees. 

My first design was a Rhinestone tee! While wearing the shirt in public I received numerous compliments from others about how "pretti" and "unique" the shirt was. The shirt was a simple design, an outline of  African-American woman head, sporting a huge natural afro, designed in crystal rhinestones on a black v-neck, fitted tee. Many of the people were asking "where can I get one of those?" After realizing the demand for a custom and unique tee was there, I expanded and along with custom tees, came custom items that would set me apart from others. From my home, I began Pretti Girls Glam Boutique (PGGB).

In 2021, after 7 years of being in business, I realized that with the constantly changing technology and the new and improved direction I wanted to take my company to, I needed to re-brand in order to continue to be competitive and successful in this everchanging market. Not to mention, my brand was no longer only accommodating custom tees, but MUCH more! So with this information, I a declaration of Pretti Girls Glam commitment to upward growth and expansion to meet customer needs. My new logo is a beautiful cartoon image of myself with the company name Pretti Girls Glam written under it. I also took the time to better define my brand by incorporating this new logo and using specific colors and renaming PRETTY to PRETTI to identify my brand. 

MISSION: I strive to offer the best & easiest online ordering process; while I assist you in crafting the cutest items for your custom needs. 

SERVICES: Our services include custom:

  • Embroidered Items: Tees, Polos, Hats, Jackets, Towels, etc.
  • Rhinestone, Nailhead & Mixed Media Tees.
  • Vinyl & Sublimated Items: Tees, Polos, Hats, Jackets  vinyl & sublimated.

Pretti Girls Glam designs and items can be used by Individuals, Groups and/or Corporations.  We're the absolute BEST when it comes to designing and creating your custom items for corporate events, family reunions, holidays or special occasions. We offer the best service, best quality and best prices!! There's much to see here, so please take your time and look around. As with any boutique style storefront, clothing items are limited availability. I look forward to meeting your needs and thank you for visiting my site.